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Floofy Newfie Tackle

Wacky Rig / Neko Rig Kit

Wacky Rig / Neko Rig Kit

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Note: we have a new kit in all colorshift colors (Motor Oil, Purple-Blue, Brown-Green, and Brown-Blue). These are already prepped and boxed, we just need time to get pictures and post.

This is a great setup of one of the best baits in the world, with colors to get you set up for clear, stained, and variations in between. The kit includes the following:

  • Clear Water - Baby Bass - Qty 6
  • Clear Water - Watermelon / Red Flake - Qty 6
  • Stained Water - Junebug / Chartreuse tip - Qty 6
  • Stained Water - Black with Blue Flake - Qty 6

Also included is a Wacky Rig tool that allows you to slip the worm inside the tool and slide an o-ring onto the center of the bait.Β 

For tackle, the kit includes 3 sizes of Neko Rig weights to help fish a bit deeper in the hot summer, wacky rig hooks that can be used with the O-rings, and EWG hooks to allow you to Texas Rig or Carolina Rig your bait.Β 

All weights, hooks, and O-Rings are supplied inside small ziploc bags to prevent tangling and to help you stay more organized.Β 

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