Welcome to Floofy Newfie Tackle.

We offer hard baits, jigs, spinnerbaits, bladed jigs, several items in tungsten, and soft plastics. We make all of our soft plastics and accept requests for custom colors.

Don't hesitate to reach out for what you would like to see.

Whether it's largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, perch, or rock bass, we want to help you be successful.

If you know what you are looking for, jump straight to the Products section in the menu bar.

New Products

We have a large color selection of our 4" Tournament Tubes for 2024.

We will be releasing these in 2.75", 2 styles of 3.5", and a fatboy in 4".

Our Hot Seller with 3 new colors for 2024

Hellgrammites, the larvae of the dobsonfly are a great snack for bass.

They can be rigged on a drop shot, ned rig, straight worm hook, or EWG hook.

- click on either floating or sinking to see color variants

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