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Floofy Newfie Tackle

4" Tournament Tube Baits - Qty 10/pack

4" Tournament Tube Baits - Qty 10/pack

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Made with a higher durometer plastic and hand-cut skirts, our tube baits are a fantastic choice for smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Tournament tube baits are effective due to their versatility. They can be fished slowly on the bottom, bounced off of structure, or even twitched and popped like a topwater lure. We have increased our color options so you can find the perfect one to match the forage in the water you're fishing.

Tucker's tips for fishing with tournament tube baits:

    • Use a light line and tackle (finesse).
    • A falling tube will circle as it falls, appearing to be a dying baitfish
    • Fish tube baits around cover, such as rocks, logs, and weeds.
    • Stuff the head with a 60* jig, stupid tube, or Texas rigging are popular options

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