What is a "Floofy Newfie?"

What is a "Floofy Newfie?"

I had this question a few times so I figured I would add a post to explain.

We have a 150lb Newfoundland named Tucker that is incredible hairy. He's a big gentle giant who is attached to my hip. When I am filling orders I go from my office to another room to print the packing slip, then I go into the garage or office to pull bait. I go back to the room with the printer where I have all my shipping supplies. I am not allowed out of his sight and he trails me the entire process. If I forget something I have to stop and pause because I know he will run into the back of my legs. 

Now I also have a stray cat named Squirrel and a Golden Retriever named Skippy who are only 1 Tucker away the entire time as well. Pardon how dirty the garage floor is in this picture but they got their feet a bit muddy that day. 

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