Videos! (baits, strikes, and instruction)

Videos! (baits, strikes, and instruction)

We have been busy trying to film our baits in some of our local lakes. Unfortunately, after 2 hrs of filming we found a corrupt SD card in one of our GoPros. Then we found that no matter what card we used, that GoPro was not playing well. The good news is that we found the issue have that camera being replaced and in the meantime we were able to start recording again. 

We will pick up where we left off this weekend but Tucker and I are taking Sunday off to take my 94 yr old step-dad fishing. 

Now, the more exciting news is that we now have an underwater camera solution to play with for trying to film live strikes. It will take us a couple weeks to work out how we will permanently manage using it on the boat while fishing but it is in-house and ready to start recording. 

We also plan to start our instructional vids soon. In the meantime I am putting together an intro video so everyone can put a face with a name, meet Tucker, and know that we are here in the US with you. 

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