We take your personal data & privacy, very seriously

We take your personal data & privacy, very seriously

Along with the love of fishing, we have worked in IT since the mid 90s. We actively work with the Security, Architecture, and Compliance teams of a large global retailer and understand proper data handling. With this experience, we approach handling your personal data the same way we wish other vendors would handle ours.

We use Google for advertising but we do NOT upload customer match lists. This is a recommendation alert we see in our dashboard daily but under no circumstances will we share your data.

We have a Facebook presence but we do NOT enable Customer data sharing. We are here to make baits, not give the Zuck even more of your personal information.

We initially set up TikTok but we found that the minimum level of Customer data sharing included Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data instead of just pixels that informed us whether an unknown user came to our site from clicking on an ad. Because of that, TikTok was disabled. 

We do not download and hold customer information on personal devices such as phones, laptops, and PCs. 

Billing information is handled by payment processors and that PCI information is not seen nor accessible on our site.

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